Our DevOps services teams aim to make your development lifecycle more efficient, making sure that feature delivery, fixes and updates deploy in alignment with your timeline. We’re highly specialized, and there to support you in any point of your transformation across a variety of platforms and hosting solutions.

Our DevOps consulting services
We believe in the principles of flow, feedback, and endless learning. Our in-house and partner teams provide the ability to deliver fast, high-quality results through quick experimentation.

1. Evaluation
To provide high quality DevOps as a service, we monitor, assess, and map out your existing development lifecycle capability, and evaluate application performance.

Together with you, we build an infrastructure and software delivery audit to describe the existing development lifecycle. Cross-review will help save your time in finding and fixing bugs.

2. Strategy
If you work with us on a solution basis, our professional team joins you in a discussion on system architecture, including our take on different options’ advantages and disadvantages. Specialists will then outline a plan for workflow, security, monitoring, testing and infrastructure. We build a Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) strategy to fit the needs of the product, and a hosting infrastructure that can include connectivity with cloud providers.

3. Automation
At this stage, our teams help automate code review and deployment. That helps save time so that you can run more projects simultaneously.

Stages: Continuous release & deployment, continuous testing, monitoring, feedback & optimization

4. Continuous Operation
We take care of the entire transformation journey, and continuously perform cloud ops management, automation support and more. Security is a priority.

Our experienced teams make sure to help coordinate client operational work, taking control over each stage of the process, analyzing results, and measuring growth and performance.