Software Testing Services
At Righteous Technologies Private Limited, we strive to derive quality in your web and mobile applications by aligning our dedicated team of software testers to create an end-to-end process to ensure a secure online presence of your business.

We help you to mitigate risks with a comprehensive range of quality assurance services.

Our state-of-the-art Software Testing Services are designed with a solitary motive to reach client’s expectations. We put together test cases, test executions, defect analysis, bug reporting, risk assessment all together to deliver flawless end products.

1. Functional Testing Services
Functional testing is more of a specification based testing where our expert testers make sure that your web/mobile application meets the functional expectations for an enhanced user experience.

2. Performance Testing Services
Our performance testers ensure that the end product delivered is highly responsive, intuitive, reliable and extensively scalable. A comprehensive analysis is done over product improvements and production readiness.

3. Automation Testing Services
We help you deliver products that are precise, productive, defect-free, after running a series of regressive automation testing.

Mobile App Testing Services
Mobile app testing includes performing quality checks over distinct mobile attributes like robustness, performance, compatibility across platforms, user-experience, speed, etc.

4. Localization Testing Services
Our adroit testers verify quality checks on applications being specific to culture and locale. Localized versions of products are executed and tested solely and validated across consistency and accuracy in regard to content and context.

5. Compatibility Testing Services
Our software testers have profound knowledge and skills in making your software compatible and functional for a seamless execution across unique browsers, platforms and devices.

6. Cloud Testing Services
We provide cloud testing as a service to deliver quality results for storage, quick availability of infrastructure, and scalability. Our cloud software testing is run with robust testing accompanied by preconfigured and latest tools.

7. Manual Testing Services
Our Manual testing services include user acceptance testing, regression testing, functional testing, agile mobile and web app testing, error handling, installation and security testing.